Under The Bridge, the well-named nightclub built directly underneath Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge stadium, played host to the Showcase Live event last night. Featuring McBusted‘s tour support act Hollywood Ending and a number of rising stars in the US and UK music scene, the performers entertained 400 people in the club itself and over 2000 around the world.

On Monday, Ed Freeman, Gus Goodall and I made our way to Under The Bridge to stream the event live online on behalf of Vidzta, a Liverpool-based streaming company.

The setup consisted of 4 PTZ cameras built into the venues’ infrastructure with a single controller. These fed into the Roland house switcher. The output of this was split between a series of wall-mounted screens around the venue and to our broadcast control station backstage, which cut between the live show, VTs and interviews with the performers as they came offstage. The final output of this was streamed live on the internet, ready to be viewed all around the world.

Watch the show back here: Showcase Live
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