Apologies for the lack of updates – I’ve been busy lately!

I’ve been working on a festival of new writing at the Lantern Theatre in Liverpool. A small venue, it’s one of the city’s forefront fringe theatres and the Shiny New Festival ┬áis their shot at putting Liverpool on the map for the pre-Edinburgh Fringe circuit. Showcasing all sorts of local performers, from magic to comedy to straight theatre, it ran for 10 days and comprised over 30 performances of 12 different shows.

I’ve been working as an assistant to the resident technician, Pete Mitchelson, who also runs his own theatre company which took part in the festival. Many of the shows that were performed at Shiny New used the festival as a chance to preview their shows and gain some reviews before taking them up to Edinburgh. We’ve had almost everything on over the past 10 days – from a performance of Lord Byron’s ‘Cain‘, to the award-winning comic magician Dave Alnwick’s one-man show ‘Totally Ninja‘ and comedy theatre shows such as ‘Brief Afterlife of Reginald Tanner‘ and ‘No Names‘.

It’s been a great experience, working in a smaller venue – I’ve been doing everything, from lighting design, re-rigging and patching, sound operating, and generally being a point of contact with a group of theatre companies who may have never been to the theatre before.

My next project is also at the Lantern – a show called ‘Breezeblock Park‘. Watch this space!

Photos to come.

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