It’s back! Bigger and better than last year, LIPA’s 2UBE Extra music festival returns to the Paul McCartney Auditorium to show off the third-year musicians’ talents. What better excuse to dive full-throttle into the kit store and turn everything on?

Over 8 days, a total of 40 bands and performers took part in the 2UBE Extra festival in LIPA — and to make it happen, we pulled out all of the stops. In addition to the live gigs, the event was streamed to YouTube, as it was last year. The major change in terms of the video streaming capabilities this year, however, is that viewers were able to watch the performances in HD*, rather than the sub-PAL output offered last year.

Here, I worked as the video streaming technician, responsible for realizing and overseeing the online stream pipeline. The camera team in the auditorium (overseen by Alex Fairfield) operated the five Sony NX5 cameras mounted in various places around the auditorium, including on a jib, a dolly and one handheld. These were fed via composite lines to our vision control suite (overseen by Ed Freeman, operated during the festival by Phil Glenny), at the heart of which lay a TriCaster Studio for vision mixing and VTR control.

From there, the streaming pipeline: from the composite out of the TriCaster into a Canopus ADVC-100 and then into an old, re-purposed Mac G5 running basic software that I wrote for the festival, using FFMPEG at its heart. This transcoded the stream into H264+AAC, whilst upscaling from PAL to 720p, compatible for streaming to YouTube. In order to gain a little more range from the streamed picture, I added a real-time filter to stretch the luminance channel (limited by PAL to 16-235) to its full range (0-255), giving a deeper colour to the shadows.

See the 2UBE Extra Portfolio Page for further details.

* Kind of — the video processing happened in SD and the final output was scaled up to 720p.

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