Inkarta #003

AV Designer: Inkarta #003. Performed at The Kazimier, Liverpool, 29th May.

Inkarta is a semi-regular club night at The Kazimier nightclub in Liverpool city centre. Based around trip-hop, slow rave and dreamscape, the third instalment of the event featured major clubland players such as Lapalux, Illum Sphere and Kutmah.

For this particular event, I was approached by Aeneas van Boetzelaer and introduced to the staff of The Kazimier, who told me that they wanted to reform the event. It had always been a club night with live projected visuals, but the intent was to create an event where the AV was just as much a part of the experience as the music — this was to be a multi-sensory experience, rather than music with associated visuals.

I met Cat Etchart, who had been brought on board to design the set, intended to become a projection surface around the DJ, and we began discussing ideas. Eventually, we settled on a grid-based design. Cat and Aeneas set about constructing a metre-and-a-half wide grid of white squares that was to be hung from the ceiling above the DJ to be projected onto.

Using TroikaTronix Isadora, I mapped the grid and created a VJ-style control interface for the content and effects application in real-time. This also received OSC control signals from a vvvv patch which ran audio analysis and beat-detection in real-time.

For further details, check out the Inkarta III blog post.