Earthquakes In London

AV operator: Earthquakes In London, Mike Bartlett. Director: Dan Bird. Performed at Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, 21st-23rd February.

A gallery of dress-rehearsal stills from Earthquakes In London — Mike Bartlett’s eco-disaster epic performed at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts by third-year actors.

For this production, I worked as part of the two-man AV team — a not insignificant part of the show, as the set incorporated 6 TV screens built into flats. An interesting challenge was presented when a character had to type onto a laptop and have the resulting text appear on the screens around him — whilst being processed by our live video effects pipeline. This show led to the creation of a self-typing LibreOffice document, a custom-modified version of Google Images that displayed pre-selected images and a screaming foetus that took over 16 hours to render in Blender 3D. With thanks to Bjørn Ihler.

Oh, and there was a polar bear.

The photographer for this production was Joyee Wong. All photos courtesy of Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts.