Chanel Samson: Plant Killer!

Cinematographer and LX design: Plant Killer, performed by Chanel Samson. Filmed on location in Liverpool by Andrew AB and Callum McLean. Released 14th October 2014. 

It’s here!

After one of the least straightforward, but most entertaining video shoots I’ve worked on for some time, the video for Chanel Samson’s new single Plant Killer has been released.

After a two-day shoot involving mud, fire, water and plenty of (fake) alcohol, Plant Killer packs a powerful environmental message in a catchy power-punk song.

Check it out:

Plant: Eirik Hansen
Killer: Michael Steinslien
Chanel’s Band: Nils Børstrand, Patrick Doyle, Federico ‘Freddy’ Spera, Daxid ‘Dax’ Stobie, Oscar Vladau-Husevold
Party People: Eve Howlett, Liam Knott, Charlotte Tangen, Sophie-Anne Lane, Matthew McGurty, Jason Baxter, Helena Johnson, Sara Franczyk
Cinematographer: Andrew AB, Callum McLean
Lighting Engineer: Callum McLean
Make Up: Lucy Maude
Editor: Chanel Samson
Director: Chanel Samson