Blood Wedding

Sound design/AV operation: Blood Wedding, Federico García Lorca. Director: Mark Babych. Performed at Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, 7th-9th March 2013.

A gallery of stills from Federico García Lorca’s Blood Wedding. Lorca tells the tale of a bride-to-be who is torn between her fiancé and her lover, with disastrous consequences. The sound design for this piece was centred around transparent reinforcement of a small live band and the playback of scene-setting soundscapes, with emphasis on complete immersion in the scene. This utilised the LIPA house system comprising 5 Meyer UPA mid/top speakers, 2 Meyer UPW 18″ subwoofers, 2 DAS 18″ subwoofers, 4 d&b T10 centre-fills and 2 d&b T10 spot-effect speakers offstage to create a versatile forward-throw setup, mixed on a Yamaha M7CL-48, with distribution and digital processing on 2 NION units.

The AV (front-projected onto a curved gauze upstage) was created by Joe Stathers-Tracey and the show’s designer, Lea Bezoari. This was run via Isadora (for real-time content generation and media playback) and controlled via the QLab audio cue stack, which sent MIDI control signals to Isadora.

The photographer for this show was Harry Armytage. All photos courtesy of Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts.