The Comedy of Errors

AV design: A Comedy of Errors, William Shakespeare. Director: Max Rubin. Performed at Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, 5th-7th December 2013.

A gallery of stills from Shakespeare’s A Comedy of Errors. This classic Shakespeare play wreaks havoc upon the lives of the people of Ephesus as the Antipholous of Syracuse and his Dromio land there in search of his family, unwittingly being mistaken for their respective identical twins, Antipholous and Dromio of Ephesus.

This show was performed in traverse, with a two-storey flat at each end of the stage. One of these became a projection surface for the mapped visuals. The AV consisted mainly of textures and stock footage that depicted the mood of the show between scenes. This was run via Isadora (for real-time media playback and manipulation) and controlled via the QLab audio cue stack, which sent networked MIDI control signals to Isadora.

The photographer for this show was Harry Armytage. All photos courtesy of Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts.