‘Plant Killer’ Shoot

It’s been an interesting couple of days, that’s for sure!

I’ve not long finished shooting a new music video for LIPA musician Chanel Samson. Working with photographer and videographer Andrew AB, we’ve spent the past two days creating an exciting, eclectic and downright bizarre video for Chanel’s upcoming single, ‘Plant Killer’.

It involves fire, water, smoke and mud, amongst many other things, and may be the most wonderfully strange three minutes you’ll see for quite some time.

We’ve been having great fun, despite working until the early hours, keeping an eye out for angry neighbours and making sure that the (brilliantly patient) band and cast don’t hurt themselves whilst doing strange things to potted plants.

The shoot is finished, the kit is returned, and now it’s just the wait until the final edit is released — watch this space!

UPDATE: The video has been released — check it out here!

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