Inkarta III

It’s club night, here in The Kazimier!

The eclectic venue in Liverpool city centre plays host tonight to the next instalment of the Inkarta event series. Based around slow-rave and trip-hop, Inkarta III featured BBC Radio 1-featured DJ Lapalux, as well as the renowned Illum Sphere and Kutmah.

Whilst the previous Inkarta events featured live projections, the set was completely revamped this time and designed from scratch by Cat Etchart with the intent of turning the structure into a live projection-mapping surface. Working with Aeneas van Boetzelaer, we constructed a grid of 16 white squares, hung from the ceiling and surrounded by many smaller white shapes.

I built a projection-mapping system using TroikaTronix Isadora for projection control and vvvv for beat detection and live audio analysis.

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About Callum McLean

Designer of visuals for live performance and recorded media using a variety of techniques, including filming, 3D animation and live video manipulation.
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