The Squash Nutrition event — ‘Disco Soupe¹’ was interesting, to say the least. The event centred around a communal meal being cooked using veg grown in a community garden and given away. In addition, locally-made honey and chutney² was being sold. Goats and hand-massages were involved were happening in the garden itself.

Nature and the people particularly enthusiastic about it have never really been my forté, but even I found that there was something satisfying about people coming together to help create a meal for all and sundry, without expecting anything in return.

Slightly less satisfying, however, was the PA, which had been cobbled together from whichever bits and pieces that people could find, with whatever cables people had lying around. Fortunately, with extra cables borrowed from the Lantern Theatre and Mike Riley (LIPA sound tech), Spider and I managed to get a half-decent system together.

Feeling somewhat proud of ourselves for having been able to get the system working and safe with limited resources, we relaxed slightly with a cup of tea. Then, the DJ turned up, and it became very clear very quickly that he had a proclivity towards playing obscure 70s polka and reggae, the likes of which are found only on the CDs that adorn the shelves of Oxfam. This gave rise to a slightly interesting image — a line of people in culinary clothing and hairnets in an ex-primary school hall, with grey skies outside, all to the sound of Eastern European-sounding polka. This was soup for good of the People.

Spider and I appropriated another cup of tea in the name of the Glorious Republic of Upper Hill Street.

Time passed, soup was made and eaten (I nipped home for a cheeky bacon sandwich) and the time came for the loud reggae to be turned off and the system dismantled.

Though it wasn’t really my sort of event, it really was good fun, and certainly presenting some interesting challenges.

Until next time!

¹ I have no idea what the extra ‘e’ is for.
² All community events involve someone selling chutney. Nobody knows why.

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