Festival Time

Shows are like buses – plenty of time spent waiting for them and suddenly, three arrive at once.

Only two weeks after the close of Earthquakes In London (photos here) came the first night of Blood Wedding (photos here). Now that’s out of the way — it’s festival season at LIPA!

The third-year acting students are invading the main auditorium for ten days in LIPA’s own mini-festival, the 2UBE, and the technical team have brought every last bit of kit that they could get their hands on. As well as performing live, we are also creating a video broadcast infrastructure incorporating 5 cameras, a Tricaster and enough BNC cables to sink a battleship (or at least a small yacht), as well as a DiGiCo D5 for independently-mixed broadcast audio — all streamed over UStream. On the FOH AV side of things, we have a Green Hippo ‘Grasshopper’ media server for backdrop and title generation. For this event, I’m serving multiple roles on the 10-man FOH AV/broadcast vision team, including camera operator and FOH AV operator.

This particular show has presented it’s own challenges, not least, keeping people in touch. The solution? Plenty of equipment from Riedel Communications, who, believe it or not, also created the comms solutions for the London 2012 Olympics. A complete communications infrastructure has been designed and implemented by LIPA students who took on the roles.

More to come – plenty of fun to be had!

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Designer of visuals for live performance and recorded media using a variety of techniques, including filming, 3D animation and live video manipulation.
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