Just finished the last performance of ‘Breezeblock Park‘, a show about ambition, class and brand new three-piece suite. Set on Christmas Eve, on a Liverpool council estate in the ’70s, the show was written by legendary Liverpool playwright Willy Russell, known by many for his works which provide a snapshot of life for the working-class in Liverpool during the 1970s, such as ‘Blood Brothers‘, ‘Educating Rita‘ and ‘Our Day Out‘.

The show was performed by the critically-acclaimed local theatre company PurpleCoat Productions, who have garnered stellar reviews across the board for their performances. This show is no different – compelling performances from beginning to end, a credit to the director, Karl Falconer.

I worked as the resident technician at the Lantern Theatre, Liverpool, while the usual technician was away in Edinburgh, working with his theatre company to put on a series of performances at the Edinburgh Fringe festival. This meant undertaking the technical running of the venue for the rehearsals and three days of performances – everything from LX patching and sound operating. Fortunately, I was working with PurpleCoat’s technician and LD, Lucy Harrison, who had created an LX design prior to coming into the space. We worked together to adapt the design to the capabilities of the theatre, resulting in a compromise between minimalism and maxing-out the venue, which suited the show and worked well.

Every show has it’s hurdles though – at less than 15 minutes, the technical rehearsal may have been the shortest ever, which led to Lucy and I effectively winging the second act. Still, if the audience can’t tell, who needs to know any different?

Photos to come.
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