And So It Begins (Again)

It’s been a busy one!

The New Year has offered no relent with an onslaught of work and shows coming up in the next few months. Aside from all the normal LIPA work — essays, analyses and so on — I’ve got two shows coming up!

The first, A Picture of Dorian Gray, I’m designing the AV for. It looks like this could be an interesting piece — perhaps a chance to be a bit more expressionistic, surrealist, or generally artistic. Influences from Un Chien Andalou — the mind boggles.

The second LIPA show is also my last! Brecht’s Happy End (with music by Kurt Weill) was written as a potential sequel to The Threepenny Opera. Set in Chicago, 1919, this show gets down and dirty with the gangsters of the Windy City. I’m designing the sounds for this, which is planned to include a live band onstage.

I’ve also been back working with the great folks at Take A Hint Theatre Company, for another performance of their Tales That Time Forgot at the Lantern Theatre, which extols the virtues of reading in a show targeted towards Year 5-6 children.

Finally, I’m working with Kacey Baker at Calibre Recordings — a couple of years ago, she started a ‘Live Lounge’-style series of videos recorded in LIPAs’ studios, which still continues. However, with her impending graduation, she’s been looking for people to take the helm. Unfortunately, I’ll also be graduating this year, but I’ve gotten on board to provide further technical assistance in the remaining months, so that the last few sessions are as good as they can be — hopefully good enough to inspire someone else to continue Kacey’s work.

Oh — and I think I’ve got a dissertation to hand in at some point!

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Designer of visuals for live performance and recorded media using a variety of techniques, including filming, 3D animation and live video manipulation.
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